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5 Investments You Can Make With $50

We have all heard the talk about how investing your money is the right way to go, but when it actually comes down to it, setting aside money to invest is not always the easiest. One of the bigger misconceptions that people tend to have when it comes to investments is that it can only be made in larger quantities. Not everyone has the kind of money to be able to invest in big tech giants or startups that are going to change industries, and sometimes, starting out small is what should be done. Investing whatever little you can is always a good way to be able to grow your finances, and to be able to help you secure your future better.

Just $50 is enough to be able to find a viable investment route that can help you increase your financial capacity. There are several avenues which can reap considerable benefits, even with a $50 investment. If you are on the lookout for ways in which you can use your $50, here are five routes that you can take that actually work well for your future.

1. Domain Names

The internet is slowly becoming one of the biggest avenues to be able to conduct your investments in, and domain names are one of the more common ways in which you can make good use of smaller amounts of money. There are infinite domains that exist on the internet and there are people looking for specific domain names almost every second. Domain names are not too expensive to purchase but have a higher resale value. For example, let’s say you buy a domain as an investment, and this name has a popular word in it. The chances are there are people who are willing to pay a little higher for this. You can buy domain names at as low a rate as $10 and sell them for at least $15 or more to make a smaller profit.

2. Artwork

Art has always been considered as a good route for investments, though making a considerable amount of money within this field is slightly harder than what one would expect. This is also something that requires a considerable understanding of art, trends and other kinds of intricacies about this industry. Artists, especially ones that are just emerging tend to sell their artwork at lower rates in the beginning, and if kept over time can increase in value. Identifying the emerging artists and buying their artwork can help you make a considerable amount over time, and is definitely an investment that you can make in under $50.

3. Collectible Cards

Cards have always been known for being collectible items that can increase in value, and card collectors are easily able to reap big profits if their cards are right. Sports cads, in particular, can reap an incredible amount of money over time, and only cost a few pennies to buy. Baseball cards, in particular, are the ones to go in for when it comes to this kind of investment since they tend to be one of the highest selling forms of collectible cards and the rarer ones can sell for thousands.

4. Stocks

Stock options have always been one of the most viable forms of investments to partake in, and investing small amounts of money can enable a person to make a considerable amount in the future. Stocks can be purchased for as little as one dollar and can go up considerable the longer they are kept. While stock market trading has always been a good route for people to make money, there is a certain amount of knowledge that is needed to be able to reap more profits. Reading up on the latest trends on the stock market and being familiar with the growing companies is important when trying to do this.

5. Microfinance

Microfinance is the process through which a person is able to invest an incredibly small amount of money into a local business in order to support and reap benefits in the future. When the business experiences a certain amount of profits, the investor also receives a certain amount, which is generally a percentage amount of this investment. This is one kind of investment that can help individuals who are looking to make some money on the side and can also support local businesses who are looking to grow and expand. This in total creates a much better society, and gives you the feeling of contributing in a positive manner, while helping you in the process.

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