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Our car title loans might be the ideal solution for your financial needs.

Progressive Financial

 Title Loans in Chicago, Illinois

Getting a regular loan these days just isn’t as easy as it used to be. Since so many people defaulted on a variety of loans during the last recession, banks and credit unions have become very leery. In order to avoid big losses of the past, they really examine loan applicants carefully. To apply for a loan, in most cases, you must meet income requirements. You should also have good to excellent credit. The fact of the matter is, many folks out there just can’t meet these tough standards. If you need a small loan, for any reason, you really should learn more about title loans in Chicago. We offer a pretty good deal for a short-term loan, which is often just what folks need or want.

How To Be Eligible For A Title Loan?

Your vehicles

Your vehicles used for collateral must be working and in running condition

You own the vehicle

Applicants should own the vehicle, which is paid for in full and have the paper title showing no liens

18 years old or above

You’ll be required to show an Illinois identification card or a driver’s license to confirm you are 18 years of age or older

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How To Apply?

All applicants interested in title loans are encouraged to take two minutes or so to fill out our simple online application. The application only requires a small amount of information about your vehicle and some contact information we can use to reach you about the loan.

Your vehicle information

The year, make, model, style, and current estimated mileage of your vehicle.

Your contact information

Your name, phone number, and ZIP code.

How Does The Car Title Loan Process Work?

Short Application

Using our easy online application only takes a moment to apply, and it is the fastest way to get your application started

Free Loan Consultation

Shortly after applying for a Chicago title loan, usually the same day, you'll receive a call from your loan representative. Your rep provides you with a loan estimate, and he or she will speak with you about various types of income that could be used for qualifying

Tailor Made Repayment Plans

Your rep can offer several repayment plans, or design a new plan just for your specific needs. We are happy to customize a plan to meet your unique budget

Dependable & Professional Services

Everyone that works for Progressive Financial is experienced and ready to offer you professional, dependable and courteous services throughout your loan process

Closing the Title Loan

To follow legal procedures, title loans in Chicago, IL require a contract issued by the lender according to state regulations. Your contract will include important info like the interest rate, payment amounts, payment schedule, and the length of the loan and the total cost of the loan

Fast Cash

The last step is turning over the car title and collecting your cash

Why Progressive Financial?

Speedy payouts

At Progressive Financial, we know how stressful it can be when you just don’t have the money to cover bills or make needed repairs. That’s why we go out of our way to get you the cash you need now. Our clients are pleasantly surprised when they receive their payouts in 24 hours or less after applying.

Competitive interest rates

The fact is that interest rates can really make a difference in the cost of the loan to our clients. We’ll work hard to get the best possible interest rate at the time of closing to keep payments low.

Retain the use of your vehicle

Unlike some other car title lenders, we don’t restrict your driving in any way. Enjoy your freedom to drive anywhere you want, so long as you make your timely payments.

High Payouts

Some car title lenders set limits on the amount you may borrow, but at Progressive Financial, we strive to offer you the highest possible payout for your title loan. Payout amounts are determined based on the value of your automobile and your ability to make the payments.


Autos with higher amounts of equity, fewer miles and in good condition typically receive higher payouts. However, that isn’t to say that your vehicle couldn’t be worth at least a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

No spending restrictions on loan funds

Our clients appreciate the fact that we don’t enforce any kind of spending restrictions for loans. You are free to spend the cash on anything.

Quick loan estimates

Waiting to know whether you are qualified for a loan and how much you could receive can often feel like an eternity. Consequently, we get that out of the way right up front. Our customers usually receive a quick loan estimate the very same day they apply. There is no drawn out process, no stress and no waiting.

Convenient lending locations

You’ll be glad to know that Progressive Financial offers a nearby lending office location for picking up your loan funds right here in Chicago.

Resolve your financial issues today with Progressive Financial!

Call us at (773) 482-3230 or apply online today!